Testimonials from former clients about my tutoring services.

Quentin F.


With Betsy’s help, I was able to increase my SAT English score from a 660 to a 780 (1370-1580 composite) in only ~ 10 sessions.

Betsy is an incredibly knowledgeable and experienced SAT tutor. She has a deep understanding of the test and the types of questions that are asked. Instead of tossing an endless amount of grammar rules at you, she teaches you how to approach each type of question. The reading section was the most challenging for me, and her advice on how to effectively break down the readings into coherent bits helped me excel on this part of the test. She is an excellent teacher to say the least. Betsy is patient and organized, but perhaps most importantly, her approach enables the student to become exceedingly familiar with the SAT. In addition to her knowledge and skills, Betsy is also a great motivator. She is always positive and encouraging. She helped me to believe in myself and my ability to succeed.

I am so grateful for Betsy's help. She played a critical role in my success on the SAT, and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their SAT score.

Hanh J.


I retained Betsy for my daughter Jena. Prior to getting Betsy, I enrolled Jena with the Princeton Reviews, who assigned Jena to a tutor for both section Math and English. After 10 sessions with the Princeton Reviews, Jena took her first SATs and received a total score of 1380 - English 700 and Math 680. To me, the Princeton Reviews didn’t help Jena much since her PSAT total score 1280.

After a few more sessions with Betsy , Jena took the SAT’s in Mar '23, she received a total score of 1500 - 730 English and Math 770. Jena wanted to get into the 1500’s and she did. Betsy helped achieve her goal! We are very grateful and happy for her services.

Because each session is one-on-one, Betsy geared her tutoring toward my daughter’s needs. She worked with her on the strategies of how to approach the questions. She worked around her schedule and availability to ensure each session is as productive as possible.

Overall, I’m pleased with Betsy to get Jena’s total score up to 1500. Jena has a twin sister and we plan to retain Betsy for Megan as well. I’m confident Megan’s score will also be increased.

Thank you, Betsy. We look forward to having you for Megan.

Ben P.


Betsy is an amazing tutor. During my time with her, I was able to boost my reading and writing score greatly. Because Betsy has previous experience in writing questions for the EBRW portion of the SAT, she knows the ins and outs of the test. As I spent more time with Betsy, I was able to learn many of the patterns of the test, which raised my confidence in test taking. My time with Betsy helped me so much when taking my SAT, and I believe that anyone who is in need of an SAT tutor should work with Betsy.

Xunyan Y.


Betsy's experience is impressive to me since she literally wrote the SAT English test for many years. However, I was still hesitated to ask her to tutor since my son's SAT score already increased some points after attending a different test preparation service and I felt he had hit the ceiling. Surprisingly, after only a few hours of tutoring with Betsy in one month, my son's score improved from 1430 to 1480 points. She knows how to guide my son to understand these tricky questions. A big thanks to her wonderful expertise.

Janny L.


We hired Betsy based on her superior teaching and tutoring background to help my son improve his score just two weeks before the SAT. It's quite a challenge, but Betsy is amazing! She taught my son essential strategies and went through all the errors he made from the previous tests. As a result, my son's English SAT score improved from 650 to 720, an impressive 70- point increase in such a short time, thanks to Betsy! I would highly recommend her!

Suhani K.


Ms. Keller is a fantastic tutor! She not only assigns work so I can improve through practice, she also works through concepts and practice tests during tutoring sessions which is incredibly helpful. Her fun personality and experience in teaching makes learning from her fun and simple. She makes you put in the hours, but if you work with her she will make sure you reach your desired score!

Bill B.


Betsy worked with my son to prep for the English sections of PSAT and the SAT. Her tutoring and guidance had a huge, positive impact on his results, and I highly recommend her services to anyone interested! She was also extremely patient and accommodating with his challenging schedule, which I genuinely appreciated.

Mona S.


Betsy recently worked with my son for English for his ACT and I can not express enough how valuable her advice was. She focused on the son's weakness and gave him insider tips. She listened to my son and was pleasant to speak and work with. She is highly qualified and experienced and would recommend her to anyone looking for a tutor. P.S. He did very well on his exam. Thank you Betsy!

Nikhil S.


Mrs. Keller helped me dramatically improve my score on the SAT Reading and Writing sections. By providing me with tons of tips and helping me understand the different types of questions and answer choices, Mrs. Keller allowed me to gain a much greater understanding of the test and a confidence level I never thought I would have.

Kelsey R.


Betsy is an amazing tutor and person! Not only does she take the time to get to know you as a learner and how to best work with you on your test but she also builds a personal relationship which only makes your experience better. My scores increased as well as my confidence in test taking, she has so many small tips and tricks that you can point out during the test and answer questions fast and confidently. Nothing but positive words to say :)

Bethany S.


I really enjoyed my tutoring sessions with Ms.Betsy and I truly learned a lot! My test score improved and it was amazing how relaxed and comfortable I felt when I was working with her! Usually my experiences with studying/ tutoring are nerve wracking or stressful but luckily this was the opposite!

Anton M.


Tutoring sessions with Ms. Keller were precisely the thing I needed to boost the SAT score into the 1500s. After 2 months of work with her, I took the test in June. My Reading and Writing score went up by 140 points.